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David defeated the mighty Goliath with a big idea and a small stone. This very turning point is happening with small businesses and entrepreneurs across the board.

Watching small businesses, home-grown brands and individuals take the reins of their outreach and growth in todays “person to person” world of communication is exciting to say the least. It has changed the very foundation of how we communicate our vision, what we value and how we communicate and deliver our values across the board.

My mission is to help create, produce and deliver works that inform and captivate an audience. To craft and produce optimized content that not only encourages your audience to listen, but participate.

From marketing to creation and delivery, it’s a new a new twist on the role of David and just who our Goliath really is in these new times.

My Services

Audio Production

J3 Audio provides a state of the art studio for capturing, creating and producing audio to match any project.
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Video Production

J3 Studio is a perfect fit for small creators with big ideas. Offering a comfortable environment for video, voice over, interviews and more.
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Visual Design

J3 knows modern visual design inside and out; from digital art, titles, logos motion graphics, traditional print and beyond J3 does design.
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